Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Lady Worth Remembering! Eleanor Lambert

For those of you who do not know that I went back to school to combine my love for PR with my desire and addiction for fashion. Little did I know that I would find some true inspiration along the way! For all ladies and fashion gents among us Eleanor Lambert a pioneer in fashion PR was not only a fierce business women but one heck of a fashionista.

Not only was she at the pinnacle of every dress list in her younger years she had an amazing drive and reputation for setting standards for the rest. A true Leo born on August 8 with an ability to rule the fashion jungle and a heart that captured many. Her famous phrase "Only God helps the badly dressed" Is remembered by many fashionista and fashions houses today. Although the anniversary of her death just recently passed in October I still thought I would share this bit of interesting information with you. You might want to take some of her most crucial points and start living by them, it just might help you improve your outlook on life if not your wardrobe.

Eleanor Lambert 8/10/1903 - 10/07/2003

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  1. hello! i used to work for Miss Lambert when she was 92 and i was in my 20s! i am now producing a documentary on her life and recently started a blog: http://www.empressoffashion.blogspot.com