Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Helping Savannah Fashionistas Find A Job

The economy is at its worse and everyone is feeling the monetary drought. So, as I am interviewing myself, I thought I would add some interview and tips in find jobs. Hope these help

1. Great places to look for communication jobs~


2. Make your resume unique, When I use to interview for The South I would always pull out the resume that looked different and I could tell someone took the time to add the extra effort. I add mine below so you could see a different template

3. Apply yourself, Get out there and get a job that applies to your major and that you can add to your resume. Any work experience is great. But an employer wants to see you in the preoperative field

4. Be Yourself, when interviewing let your personality shine (in moderation) so they can get to see how great you are.

4. Of course I am going to say this one, "Chose a Great Outfit" Looks matter pick an outfit that makes a statement, for go the boring suit and go for a dress and blazer. Or add spice to a suit by adding a ruffled blouse.

5. Taylor your resume to the job your applying for. Have a resume that tailors to styling, another one for event planning, etc.

6. Keep good ties with your professional references. Keep contact, ask them to coffee or to lunch to keep in contact and they are up to date on what is going on professionally.