Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Helping Savannah Fashionistas Find A Job

The economy is at its worse and everyone is feeling the monetary drought. So, as I am interviewing myself, I thought I would add some interview and tips in find jobs. Hope these help

1. Great places to look for communication jobs~


2. Make your resume unique, When I use to interview for The South I would always pull out the resume that looked different and I could tell someone took the time to add the extra effort. I add mine below so you could see a different template

3. Apply yourself, Get out there and get a job that applies to your major and that you can add to your resume. Any work experience is great. But an employer wants to see you in the preoperative field

4. Be Yourself, when interviewing let your personality shine (in moderation) so they can get to see how great you are.

4. Of course I am going to say this one, "Chose a Great Outfit" Looks matter pick an outfit that makes a statement, for go the boring suit and go for a dress and blazer. Or add spice to a suit by adding a ruffled blouse.

5. Taylor your resume to the job your applying for. Have a resume that tailors to styling, another one for event planning, etc.

6. Keep good ties with your professional references. Keep contact, ask them to coffee or to lunch to keep in contact and they are up to date on what is going on professionally.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tissue Paper as wearable Art!!!! I am calling it a must have item for Savannah Socialites This Spring!

A dear friend of mine and former roommate and fellow fashionista Britt Scott has found a new and inspirational twist to tissue paper. I laid my eyes on the fun bracelets a few weeks back when I was ever so lucky to receive one for my birthday. It definitely added some sass to my rather bland outfit for the day. Although I don't recommend that you wear them with your jeans and your polo's. It would be exceptionally hot paired with a black high waisted shirt, fun top and leggings. I give her a couple of months to get the product out on the streets of Savannah before you see these hot accessories at Saya on a Saturday night.



Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Small Atomsphere with great hidden finds!

Not to long ago I stumbled across this darling boutique nestled down in St. Simmons GA. This cute small boutique was the first place in a long time where everything I tired on was an irresistible buy. Party Dress, Denim, Tops and even GREEN items were there in abundance for you to choose from. The next time you head down to the water front tell Tammy I said hello. I promise you will just fall in love with this amazing closet filler.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thanks For The Amazing Birthday Party

I just wanted to thank everyone for the amazing birthday party that everyone attended at Saya Lounge on Jan 30. I could not have asked for a better attended and amazing dressed friends. Check out the images below. THANKS AGAIN!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Diamonds and Mily OH MY!

It is not often that I come across a staple piece as amazing as the Milly cap sleeve dress from Fall 08'. However when shopping with fellow fashionista Jessica Newsome we came across this one of a kind gem for any Southern Socialite. The line was created by Milly and of course and was inspired by the "uptown" New York Socialite which can be clearly seen in the rest of the line. The dress made a quick appearance on Gossip Girl character Blair, as she dined with New York's high society ladies. Although, I normally frown on a gem of this making its way to a hit drama show, for the shear fear of it being copied by budget brands. Lets hope this will not be a case for this must have.

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A Lady Worth Remembering! Eleanor Lambert

For those of you who do not know that I went back to school to combine my love for PR with my desire and addiction for fashion. Little did I know that I would find some true inspiration along the way! For all ladies and fashion gents among us Eleanor Lambert a pioneer in fashion PR was not only a fierce business women but one heck of a fashionista.

Not only was she at the pinnacle of every dress list in her younger years she had an amazing drive and reputation for setting standards for the rest. A true Leo born on August 8 with an ability to rule the fashion jungle and a heart that captured many. Her famous phrase "Only God helps the badly dressed" Is remembered by many fashionista and fashions houses today. Although the anniversary of her death just recently passed in October I still thought I would share this bit of interesting information with you. You might want to take some of her most crucial points and start living by them, it just might help you improve your outlook on life if not your wardrobe.

Eleanor Lambert 8/10/1903 - 10/07/2003

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Tweet ME! A new pick up line to meet business professionals and friends

Joining a new social network is often like buying a new pair of shoes, exciting, addicting and slightly painful until you can break them in.Thanks to my PRCA class I have found the hottest and newest obsession that possibly every fashionista will have to indulge in, Twitter. Although I found the site a little odd and confusing at first, has become my new love and will surely be spring's 09 hottest social accessory. Twitter extremely easy to use once you get the hang of it and even gives you the option of having things sent to your cell phone, LOVE IT! Currently my LG Dare touch phone will not let me surf the web for updates but crackberry users will get an extra dose of the social network. I encourage everyone to join the twitter world and get an account. Once you do, be sure to find me and a few other peeps you enjoy chatting with and follow them to see what new and exciting things are occuring. After all, it could possibly be the next hottest thing to the newest Marc Jacobs Bag

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Ciao for now!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bright Colors and interesting photos The South pulls of another fashion spread.

The other day I was visiting one of my fellow Savannah Fashionista's and good friend Britt Scott and saw her latest issue of The South Magazine. For those who do not know me and Britt worked side by side for the longest time at the much loved mag. Naturally I flip right the the fashion section to see what the new fashion team is up to and I was amazed at the awesome work they have done. They chose classy pieces with interesting accessories, downtown Savannah shops are sure to be happy with the great advertising this will surely be. Not to mention they have the hottest Marc by Marc Jacob jacket on display that just sends pure shivers down my spine. That is a for sure an item on my current must have list.

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The must have jacket I mentioned earlier.

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Ciao For Now

Katrina M. Sage